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Extracurricular fabrics  acrobatics

The thecrux climbing school is focused on developing the coordination and aptitude of students on climbing, thus introducing them to the basics of the sport in a playful and fun way.

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The fabric classes are designed for all levels, both for those who want to get started in this modality and for those looking to work on more complex figures. You will exercise every muscle in your body, improve your cardiovascular system, endurance and gain more control over your body.


Acro-teles group 1 : from 3 to 6 years  

Acro-teles group Inter Group : from 6 to 9 years

Acro-teles pro group : from 9 to 13 years old

Adult acro-fabrics : Over 14 years old



1h y 30 min de classe

1 classe la setmana | 35€ al mes

2 classes la setmana | 55€ al mes

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